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In more Detail...


addepsi (Linux and IRIX) adds epsi preview to your eps files
to use with (linux) framemaker, Ms-Word, etc. 

DDD data display debugger (Linux). Ofer can explain this one. 

makedemo: For group work on shared directories. Cd to desired
directory, then type "makedemo". All files in the directory
are (recursively) chgrp'd to demolab and chmod'd to g+w.
After this command is executed, other members on the lab
can read/write the files you've created within that
directory's hierarchy. 

mkhybrid (Linux & IRIX). To create Win/Mac/Unix/DOS compatible 
CD's from unix files. 
See documentation on demo private pages. 

zip/unzip (Linux): To read/write WinZip, Pkzip compressed files. 

xdu (Linux & IRIX): Visual front-end to du. Type du | xdu
to visualize your used space, directory-by-directory.