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Install new software for all to use

In more Detail...

How to install new useful software

If you find or write a piece of software that you want everybody to use, here's what you do.

If it's a Linux executable file, put it at /home/p/demo/demo/bin.Linux

If it's an IRIX executable file, put it at /home/p/demo/demo/bin.IRIX.

If the same file is compatible with both OS's, make one to be a symlink to the other.

If it's a larger application with a few or lots of files, make a directory for it under /home/p/demo/demo/util, install it there, and put a starting script at demo/demo/bin.Linux or bin.IRIX.
After the installation is complete, cd to /home/p/demo/demo/util/yourthing and type "makedemo" so the entire tree will be owned by the whole group and not you alone.

Finally, post a message to the Bulletin Board to tell people of your new addition. Add a link to your message to the DEMO software page.