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Print Booklets

In more detail

Printing to Save Paper

(with creepy voice) All hope abandon ye who leaves the printer in SIMPLEX MODE

To make booklets:

If you want to create a booklet out of any postscript file to be printed on the demo printer, use the program makebook(*).

unix> ls
unix> makebook
unix> ls

When files are too big (more than 40 pages), it's better to generate a printout consisting of several smaller booklets. Otherwise there will be too many pages to fold easily. The booklets can then be binded with the binding machine upstairs to generate a nice DEMO book. Use makebook -sN where N is the number of pages per booklet (must be a multiple of four; suggested=16). Example:

unix> makebook -s16
unix> lpr -Pdemo -s

NEW! Print books directly to the printer!
Just use

unix> booklpr [-s] [-s16] -Pprinter

(i.e., same syntax as lpr).
demo/bin/booklpr combines makebook and lpr in one command.

To print two document pages per paper page face (sgi only):

The programm is ~miguel/bin/maketwopage.

unix> maketwopage
unix> ls

(*) Located at /home/p/demo/demo/bin.IRIX or /home/p/demo/demo/bin.Linux. You should have the following:
set path=($path /home/p/demo/demo/bin.`uname`)
on your .login file so the correct demo binaries directory is included in your path when you start a shell in order to use this and other demo-installed applications.