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Print Posters

on the poster printer

Printing Posters

to send something to the plotter:

create a postscript file (eg using Framemaker template, or in general, any document with the right page size and paper size (they both need to be set) around 36 by 48.


Log into medusa and...

cat > /dev/lp0

then wonder why it doesn't work and generally muck about with it for the rest of the day.

the FrameMaker poster template is found by:
1) select new to make a new file.
2) go into the Special template directory in the dialog.
3) select Vertical_Poster.

this hack will allow you to test-print your poster in the regular printer by shrinking it to letter size: use frame maker to generate a postscript file, then execute


If you get an "out of memory" error on the plotter, try this:

(1) copy your poster onto the DEMO mac

(2) in the appletalk control panel, select "Printer Port". you have to close the control panel for the change to take effect.

(3) in the chooser, click on PSPrinter and select HP650C Plotter.

(4) drag your postscript file onto the Drop*PS icon which is on the desktop.

If you're still getting an "out of memory" error, do this instead:

(1) You started with your poster as a poscript file

(2) Convert to PDF format by using ps2pdf in any of the linux boxes

(3) Send the PDF to the mac and print using acroread

(3') Or, send the PDF to the PC and generate a PRN file and ftp it to medusa and cp it to the plotter... good luck!