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Frame Maker "the former official word processor of the lab"

Should we have an official word processor?

It might be good but at the same time, it's hard to change the way people prefer to work.

Characteristics of a good ``official lab wp'':

  1. Multi-Platform
  2. Good for papers including math
  3. Good for submitting
  4. Good for bibliography
  5. Imports figures
Table of main contenders
Wordproc Multiplatform? Good Math? Submissions? Bibliography? Imports figures? Good for editing/thinking? Page Layout (ie PageMaker)?
MSWord No unix 90% only one that does msword submissions. no latex submissions. no bibtex no eps yes yes
FrameMaker Yes. Expensive. Dies out 12/00 on linux yes no word export. no latex export bibtex, but painful to install yes yes only one that does posters rightly
Lyx No mac yes latex submissions bibtex yes yes no
Latex yes yes latex submissions bibtex yes no no