DEMO Lab's HC-Gammon

This is a web interface to the 100,00th backgammon player evolved through hillclimbing. It is not represented as the best player in the world, but simply quite an amazing player given its humble origins.

NEW!If you have Java in your browser, try our newest scientific experiment, the multiplayer game Patternbee!.

Click here to download the short paper describing the HC gammon learning algorithm

How to Play

The board pips are labeled 1 thru 24. To make your move, enter the numbers of the starting and landing pips for each die.

To make your bar point, for example, you'd have to type "13 7 8 7". You have to make a move for each number on the dice, e.g. "24 22 24 22 22 20 22 20" if you rolled double twos.

Use 25 for the bar and 0 to bear off.