In the News

DEMO research has appeared in these publications:

The Edge (April 2, 2001) "SOFTWARE IS A CULTURAL SOLVENT: How Our Artifacts Will Be Able To Interact With Our Biological Forms---A Talk with Jordan Pollack" (online version)

Scientific American Frontiers (December 19, 2000 8pm ET -- see local listings) "Life's Really Big Questions". (online version)

Personal Computer World Magazine (September 2000) "Mating Robots" (online version)

New Scienctist (Saturday, May 13 2000) "A droid for all seasons". (online version)

Slashdot (Thursday, May 11 2000) "Co-Evolving Robots at Brandeis" (online version)

Slashdot interview (Wednesday, April 12, 2000) with Jordan Pollack. (online version)

Slashdot interview (Friday, October 8, 1999) with science fiction writer, Bruce Sterling.
Read what he has to say about our lab. (online version)

New York Times (Thursday, October 7, 1999, Circuits) "Computers That Think Outside the Box".

Slashdot (Saturday, October 2, 1999) "Genetic Algorithm Generated Lego Bridge" (online version)

The Boston Globe (September 15, 1999) "A Better Robot, Brick by Brick"

New Scientist (September 11, 1999) "Will Robots Learn to Build their Own Future?" (online version)

Science 285:5434 (September 10, 1999) "Evolving Toy Story"

LA Times (Monday, September 6, 1999) "Researchers Building Robotic Prototypes, Lego Block by Lego Block" on the computer evolution of buildable objects.

Science News (September 4, 1999, Vol. 156, No. 10) "On the Origin of Circuits"

ScienceDaily (August 26, 1999) "In First Case Of Fully Automated Design, Computers Shape Lego Bricks Into Various Designs Without Human Input" . (online version)

IP Magazine (July 1999) "A PURL of Fluctuating Price: How transforming licenses into securities could scale back the software monopolies".

WIRED Magazine 5.05 (May 1997) "In Search of the Electronic Brain" features our work on coevolving a backgammon player. (online version)