Ninth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems (ALIFE9)

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September 12-15th 2004

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WORKSHOP on Artificial Chemistry and Its Applications

Workshop date: September 12th, 2004

Organised by
Hideaki SUZUKI (ATR Network Informatics Laboratories, JAPAN)
Tim HUTTON (University College London, UK)


Aims and Scope

As a promising branch of artificial life, artificial chemistry has been extended into a broad domain that includes the studies on theories, models, algorithms and applications. Using a strong comparison to biochemical reactions in living cells, artificial chemistry provides a powerful method to study why and how complex living creatures have evolved on the earth, and at the same time provides a nice workbench on which we can deepen an understanding of:

(a) emergence -- in the sense of artificial life,
(b) complexity -- in the sense of non-linear complex systems, and
(c) evolvability -- in the sense of generalized evolution for biologically inspired information processing systems.

Following the success of the previous workshop which was held in conjunction with ECAL2003 at Dortmund, this workshop will be arranged as a place for concise tutorials of established works that present particular uses of artificial chemistry, and for active discussion on new progress in the field of artificial chemistry.

This workshop is seeking the submission on the following aspects but not limited to:

  • Modeling molecular interactions and chemical processes
  • Simulating the chemical evolution of life
  • Catalysis and auto-catalysis
  • Self-replication and von Neumann machines
  • Origin of information and translation
  • Requirements for the evolutionary growth of complexity
  • Self-organization
  • Self-assembly in nanotechnology and abstract systems
  • Membranes and cellular structure
  • Membrane computing (P-systems)
  • Co-evolution and evolvability
  • Applications of AC approaches to parallel computation, etc.


Important Dates

Paper submission in PDF July 15th, 2004
Acceptance notices July 31st, 2004
Camera-ready submission in PDF August 15th, 2004
Workshop at ALIFE9 September 12th, 2004

Paper Format

Original papers in English are welcome for submission. Papers should follow the ALIFE9 style, be formatted in PDF, and be directly emailed to Hideaki Suzuki <> no later than the deadline shown above.

Papers should be limited to eight pages, but six pages are preferable. All presented papers will be included in the workshop proceedings that will be distributed at the workshop.

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