Evolution-Assisted Design

    Today's commercial CAD systems may add a mechanical simulator to the usual 3D manipulation tools. But the new field of Evolutionary Design has the potential to add a third leg to computer-aided design: A creative role. Not only designs can be drawn (as in CAD), or drawn and simulated (as in CAD+simulation), but also designed by the computer following guidelines given by the operator. Thus we envision future Evolutionary CAD systems, "EvoCADs".  
    We have built a mini-CAD system to design 2D Lego structures. This application allows the user to manipulate Lego structures, and test their gravitational resistance using a simplified structural simulator. It also interfaces to an evolutionary algorithm that combines user-defined goals with simulation to evolve candidate solutions for the design problems. The results of evolution are sent back to the CAD front-end to allow for further re-design until a satisfactory solution is obtained.  

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