Evolution of Buildable Objects in the News

These are some of the mentions that this project has had in the press

The Boston Globe, 9/15/99. (p. f4).

MetroWest Daily News, 8/28/99. (p. 1).

Brandeis University Homepage, 9/99.

Los Angeles Times, 9/6/99. (p. c4)

New Scientist 163 (no. 2203), 9/11/99 (p. 22)

The New York Times, 10/7/99 (p. e7)

Reuters, 10/1/99

Science 285, 9/10/99 (p. 1663)

ScienceDaily 8/26/99

Science Now


Science News 156, 9/4/99 (p. 157)

Yahoo! News

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