Evolution of the lego bridge

From a single brick to the other side of the cliff

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The Lego Bridge is a structure made out of Lego bricks that is obtained by an evolutionary algorithm running a computer simulation of the physical properties of Legos.

Our algorithm obtained a solution for the problem of constructing a 'Bridge' structure fixed to one of the tables in our lab that will span the distance of 1.5m that separates it from a neighboring table.

The animation in this page follows the lineage of an individual from its humble beginnings (a single brick) all the way through the final solution. Both mutations, changes affecting only one brick, and crossovers, addition or removal of part of the structure of another individual, can be observed.

NOTE: If your browser does not support animated gif images, you will not be able to see this animation. But you can still see the evolution of the lego bridge, frame-by-frame.

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