DEMO Lab Private Parts

"How can we plan for the completely unexpected breakthroughs we expect to unexpectedly expect?" -- JBP

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Must Know

  • Bulletin Board
    Lab forum and mailing list

  • DEMO Retreat '97

  • Phonebook

    All papers published by DEMO people. Your papers should be here! See how-to's below to learn how to post.

  • DEMOlitia
    The internal Wiki of the Demo Lab.This Wiki is meant to be a collaborative collective compendium of DEMO Lab knowledge.

  • Group Meeting Calendar
    Speaking turns, dates and times

  • DEMO's own list of important conferences
    Other lists of conferences:

  • References & Bibliography

  • Linux AI & Alife HOWTO
    Lots of software

  • Ei Compendex

  • Online Dictionary of Computing

  • MIT's Online Library Catalog

  • ACM Digital Library

  • MathSciNet
    Online search of periodicals, proceedings, books.

  • Computer Science Bibliographies

  • Netlib
    mathematical software, papers, and databases.

  • DEMO Library
    Books in our own Library

    Online search of Brandeis libraries. Also from Brandeis libraries:
    * WorldCat (a catalog of most books ever published)
    * Science Citation Index
    * INSPEC contains abstracts of many scientific publications (from library terminals only)
    * Electronic Journals @ Brandeis Library

  • Create Your own personal digital library (ministra)

       In more Detail...

  • HOW-TO

  • /home/p/demo/demo

    How to work on shared projects

  • Install new software for all to use

       In more Detail...

  • Use the 3D printer

  • Print text files to the Lexmark Demo printer

       In more Detail...

  • Use the color printer

       (Epson Stylus 900)

  • Print color transparencies

  • Get new DEMO logos

  • DEMO WEB Site Update Procedures:
    add projects and papers!

  • Adding to Our FTP Server
    Login to DEMO and cd to: /var/spool/ftp/pub and dump whatever it is you want people to FTP.

  • Print Posters

       on the poster printer

  • Use parsed html

  • Use our html/forms tools library

  • Use RCS

  • Set up your .cshrc file for Matlab
    also here's how to configure xemacs to edit matlab code

  • Play movies on linux machines

  • Run StarOffice on Linux

  • Receive an email when this page is modified
    The bulletin board mailing list is used also by the paper server (DEMONSTRA). But this page is separate. Add your address if you want

  • Tape Backups

       how to use the dds-4

  • Print Booklets
    Use the command booklpr instead of lpr to print in book format.
       In more detail

  • How to write your thesis
    Here are some useful links (and links to links) for writing your PhD thesis, and being a grad student in general. I particularly found this link useful in focusing the writing. -Ofer

  • Frame Maker "the former official word processor of the lab"
    WARNING! Frame Maker for linux dies out forever on 12/31/00. Use something else! A windows version of maker shall be available for rescue of old documents.
       Should we have an official word processor?

  • burn cd's (old info for the mac cd burner)

       new!! info for helen cd-burner

  • how to change 'demoboard' recipients
    how to change the list of people that receive emails from the demoboard@cs bulletin board.
       demoboard recipients

  • restart the MATLAB license server

       In more Detail...

    Java plugin for Mozilla/Firefox on lab Linux machine

       In more Detail...

  • Source Code

  • nusers.c checks for other users and CPU load, for farming.

  • bkgsrc.tar.gz has source for co-evolving backgammon strategies, running on a network of idle workstations.

  • mpich.tar.gz is a local copy of an implementation of the MPI message passing interface standard. The original is at Argonne National Laboratory.

  • The ModSAF battlefield simulation (about 64 megabytes compressed).
    The ModSAF battlefield simulation (about 64 megabytes compressed).

  • NumFields.tar.gz numerical TextField classes for Java (JDK1.1)

  • Reports and Essays

    Manuals & Documentation

    Logs & Logfiles

  • Web Server Statistics @ mopsus

  • Weekly Backup Log (helen)

  • mopsus weekly backup log

  • User feedback: mailbox:
    to read this file, download it and use any mail reader.

  • Labettes

  • Evolution/Coevolution

  • Robotics

  • Education

  • Fractal Neural Networks

  • Miscelanea

  • document conversion
    converts MSWord, MSPowerpoint, pdf, ps, text, tiff, etc. to pdf, ps, text, etc.

  • Testing URL retention in message

       Tunak Tunak Tan

  • Software Installed

  • Staroffice
    Office suite semi-compatible with microsoft office. Lets you read&write word and excel documents (sometimes)
    In more Detail...

  • Ivtools

       In more Detail...

  • Mupad
    A symbolic math tool
       In more Detail...

  • Postgres-SQL
    An SQL database system.
       In more Detail...

  • POSTSCRIPT tools:

       In more Detail...

  • other
    Other random things on the bin directories:
       In more Detail...

  • latex2html
    generate cool html versions of your latex docs
       In more Detail...

  • Lyx
    Word Processor for Unix and PC. Generates latex but is screen oriented.
       In more Detail...